Shoo Away Review
ShooAway Review
ShooAway is designed to safely deter flies from your food and drinks area in a completely safe manner.
ShooAway is a premier fly deterrent to keep flies away from food. The variety of uses for this product are limitless for removing flies and flying insects as an issue. You can just switch it on and have peace of mind that your food in the kitchen or barbeque is safe.
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Shooaway™ Product Review
Innovative. . .
ShooAway™ is a very innovative product that solves an age old problem of flies around food. I’m sure you have seen this picture either in your own personal experience of while you were out and about in restaurants or other events.
Many Uses . .
It can be used in many areas from catering to health in the business environment or in leisure. It is completely harmless as a fly or flying insect repellant as there are no chemicals involved so the implications are even greater as pets and children will not be adversely affected by pollutants.
Safe . .
As the blades spin they are so soft that if you happen to touch them they will stop and restart without any cause for concern. The patented holographic technology is known to disorientate the flies and “shoos them away”. It is powered by 2 AA batteries and lasts for about 30 hours so you truly get value with this.

Special Features
  • A stylish bug repellent suitable for any flat surface
  • Use at campsites, barbecues and picnics
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor catering events
  • Effective against flies -They don't like it!
  • 100% effective against flying insects
  • Safe to use around children & pets
  • Chemical free
  • Patented holographic discs
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Pros & Cons
  • Simple To Use
  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • Works with most flying insects
  • Maybe make a solar power version for outdoor use
  • Shame its not available in different colours
  • Dosn't repel mosquitos
  • Doesn't work in the rain
Overall Rating
5 stars
Overall Rating
Our Expert Verdict
We think this is great product that can used to keep flies away from food. The amount of flies there are out there in the summer time and all year round in hot countries is astronomical. At some point this will be the one household gadget that will be a no brainer when it comes to eating out or even inside where flies are in abundance. Thumbs Up to ShooAway!

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