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Baby Alive Supergirl Saves Anna And Battles Bad Guys. DisneyToysFan.

Baby Alive Supergirl Saves Anna And Battles Bad Guys. DisneyToysFan.

Supergirl Baby Alive Saves Anna From Cyber Bully Hans And Saves Puppy From Cruella de Vil.
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Baby Supergirl is back you guys! She wakes up like any other day, practices her karate moves with her puppy, Pork Chop, until suddenly…she smells something. Is it food perhaps? This hungry, crime-fighting super-baby and her nose set off to identify that delicious smell. She flies around following the smell when she realizes-that’s not food, that’s fire and someone is in trouble! The Beanie Weanie factory is on fire and one of the factory workers is trapped inside the building! Super Baby swoops in and rescues the man just in time for his audition to be Justin Bieber’s backup dancer and upon his safe landing he declares a free lifetime supply of Beanie Weanies to Super Baby! Since this superhero never got her snack due to the burning building incident, she sets off to find something to eat, when she runs into a woman in a big hat and glasses carrying a dog. The dog is crying and scared and Super Baby knows something is wrong. Wait a second-it’s Cruella de Vil! She’s going to turn this dog into a fur coat! Super Baby drop kicks her and rescues poor little Fluffy Bumpkin. Later, as she checks her Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube, and Twitter Super Baby sees that her friend, Princess Anna posted a photo of her new painting! It’s so beautiful and Anna is so proud of her artwork…until someone posts a hateful comment. Take a guess who it is…evil Hans. Anna is heartbroken that someone would be so cruel that she never ever wants to paint again! Super Baby reads the comment and doesn’t take kindly to this cyber bullying-she races over to Hans’ house, blows up his computer, and then goes to cheer her friend Anna up with a flight to get Froyo. That will teach Hans not to post mean comments to people! Watch and enjoy another exciting Super Baby adventure!

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