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Bedbugs As Pests

Bedbugs As Pests

How to Inspect Your Home for Bed Bugs | Pest Control

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Learn how to inspect your home for bed bugs in this Howcast pest control video with expert Jeff White.

“My name is Jeff White and i am the research entomologist for bed bugs central and the host of bed bug TV bedbugscentral.com. I have no idea how i got under the bedbugs and here i am 6 years later and having lot of fun working with bed bugs and at talking to you about Pest control.

With all the attention put to bed bugs, you may want to conduct a quick inspection of your house to make sure that you don’t have a problem. Catching bed bugs early on can save your lot of money in the long run and so where do you look for bed bugs. One common misconception is that the bedbugs are only associated with the bed. Yes it is true that bed bugs are called bed bugs for reason they are gona be found in the bed. But they can spread to other things so there are other areas you want to look. But lets start first with the bed and actually the most common area you find bed bugs are the bottom of the box spring. But start with the mattress,look at the seems, the edges,the ribbon that goes around the outside of the mattress. Those are the common areas you may find them if they are there. But most importantly flip the box spring up. Look at the bottom of the box spring.look at staple seems with the dust cover staples at the bottom of the box spring,possibly remove that dust cover. Also look behind the plastic corner protector that are on the bottom of the box spring,those are the most common areas you gona find bedbugs. The head board are also very common place. If you have a head board,take the head board down,flip the headboard over and look at the back of that head board. That is an area that is very common for bedbug to en fast,they gona sit in cracks and crevices. Remember, bedbugs are qualmish, long,oval, flat and reddish brown. So you can’t see them pretty redly and you are also gonna look for the faeces body,black spots that are left behind it. Bedbugs hanging out at one area and unfortunately going to the bathroom but it is very easy to see. And so those are the two areas that you gona look for primarily inside a bedroom. Now another area that you wana pay attention to is the couch. What will people do when they are sleeping in the bed and they are bit by something and they dont know what it is. They go and sleep on the couch, so bed bugs just follow you at the couch. Looking in the top seems the edges of that couch,look the couch over, look at the bottom of the couch and again you are looking for the bugs themselves at the faeces body and if you look in all the beds and all the couches and you don’t find anything, there is a good chance you probably don’t have any problem. If you want to take further steps you can install interception devices which go under the legs of beds and couches and catch bugs as they travel to and from the bed. They can help you identify a problem. There is also active monitors out there that release attractive scent that bring bugs to them. If you want to purchase a monitor, go on-line,do your research, see what works and what doesn’t and that will also help you identify infestation early on because remember you want to find them as quick as possible because it make control much cheaper in the long run.”
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    What can I do about invisible bugs. I have been attacked since 2009 and I
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    I eat all of the bugs I find. my house is bug free now

    August 17, 2011

    What about memory foam beds?

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    @lmgeneral get your house fumigated

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  • ServallPestControl
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    Be very careful dealing with bed bugs, they can be many more places than
    just your bed. Servall Pest Control can help.