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Another Perspective on House Fly Elimination

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Another Perspective on House Fly Elimination

Ways of Eliminating A House Fly Problem

A house fly is an insect that falls under the category of flies. Flies have several species under it for example The tsetse fly,The fruit fly among others.These flies are generally classified according to their main inhabiting areas and their effects to other living organisms.
However we will discuss about a house fly problem under this context.

The house fly as the name suggests mainly inhabits human houses thus the name ‘house fly’. House flies have wings and grow to different sizes and at times colors. They are also known as the common fly. One feature that they possess is their ability to fly long distances in their quest of feeding places. Researches show that they can fly close to eight kilometers in their search for food. This is a very unique feature that differentiates the house fly to all the other flies.

In a bid to solve a house fly problem one needs to properly understand on the characteristics of that fly.House flies can become a nagging problem if not properly dealt with due to their rapid cycle from eggs to adult stages.

Under normal conditions an adult female house fly will lay her eggs approximately one hundred of them on rotting and organic waste.Another staggering fact is that the eggs hatch within a matter of not weeks,not days but hours,can you imagine???They like laying eggs on these material since their larvae feed on these material.

What Happens To The Larvae?

The larvae feed for almost a week before transforming into the  pupae stage. The adult fly then emerges a few days later to start the process all over again.From the birth cycle you can see how a swarm of flies can be raised within a week or more if of course proper control is not exercised.

It is also important to note that house flies generally breed faster during warm weather. Researches have shown that during warm weather two or more generations of house flies may be developed.It is therefore advisable to be more cautious during warm weather in controlling of this house fly problem.

House flies are a threat to humans since they like invading foodstuffs that are probably about or being consumed by individuals.Their texture only allows them to ingest liquid foodstuffs which forces them to apply another technique when ingesting solid foodstuffs.When the house fly lands on your plate it vomits part of its stomach contents on food particles to soften it,and then stamps in the food to break it and liquefy it so that it can suck it.

More fliesThis brings an avenue for germs getting into your foodstuffs since the contents of a house flies stomach contains germs. This is how house flies deposit germs on foodstuffs and thus become a health threat.

A house fly problem solution comes by employing some method.One may choose a method depending on the materials available to him or her or other factors like cost,efficiency,effect on its environment among others.
Cleaning off stuff that attract houseflies. – As seen above house flies are attracted by mainly foodstuffs.One should therefore remove all food placed openly or prevent access to left out food by placing them in refrigerators or properly locked cupboards. You should also properly wash all the utensils after a meal and wipe them dry and properly keep them and also rub off all remains for example bread crumbs into the sink or put all remains in the bin and throw off all rotting food stuffs.

These actions will eliminate all avenues for flies to hang on thus reduce breeding ground for flies.

Keep all waste bins closed at all times.
After disposing all foodstuffs it is proper to cover this bins thus preventing access of these flies to the waste material.This reduces greatly breeding of the house flies since all favorable breeding grounds have been covered.These bins should also be emptied regularly since the contents may start rotting and house flies are generally attracted to foul smell.

Use Pyre-thrum Spray
Pyre thrum spray can be got in two ways that is purchasing an industrially manufactured spray or making a home made spray if you have access to the plant.This spray is widely used as an insecticide and is even used in elimination of other nagging insects like mosquitoes.One should spray on places flies like hanging about or when one spots a group of them somewhere.

The spray kills the house flies and this makes them afraid of it.Thus this spray can chase off the flies.

Use Plants that deter flies off.
It has been proven that house flies are deterred by some plants for example mint,thus keeping large pots of such plants at the entrance of households keeps flies from outside getting inside the household.

Although this may not guaranteed method to eliminate flies but it at least reduces the number of them getting in the house. If there are a lot of flies in the kitchen and one doesn’t want them to interfere with the cooking areas and contaminate foodstuffs, crushing mint and placing it on a plate that allows the aroma to spread all over the kitchen may also serve in chasing the flies away.
Keeping a high level of sanitation.
This is by far the most basic and effective method to preventing a house fly problem.House flies are generally associated with dirt and germs and that’s where they  mostly raise their off springs.

Individuals should always maintain a high level of cleanliness in their households in a bid to prevent an invasion.All surfaces should be wiped clean and all foodstuffs should be properly stored to avoid them encroaching.

Waste should be properly disposed and pets cleaned and allocated specific feeding places and the debris of their food cleaned since that may be an avenue for a house fly to get a breeding ground.

A house fly problem is a very nagging problem that interferes with ones comfort and normal day to day activities.It is therefore advisable for households to follow all the necessary measures to eliminate this problem.In doing this individuals will maintain a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

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