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What Will Keep Flies Away From Food

Flies around food

What Will Keep Flies Away From Food

Want To Know What Will Keep Flies Away From Food

House flies gather around areas where there is poor hygiene and no cleanliness such as uncovered rubbish bins or animal excrement lying around. If your house is surrounded by thick vegetation or shrubbery, your place is a prime candidate for fly infestation. Uncovered food is also a good target of house flies. There are many simple ways to keep flies away from food.

Common hygiene habits will be very helpful when combined with the use of a good fly repellant system. Try some of the tips below to keep flies away from food.

Some Preventive Measures to Keep Flies Away from Food:

  1. Always keep your house clean and hygienic.
  2. Always use a high quality disinfectant that will work from day till night.
  3. Garbage cans are the favorite breeding ground of flies. You should always routinely dispose your garbage. You must also throw your garbage at a distant location from your house. Always put the lid on your dustbins and garbage cans.
  4. Flies naturally gravitate towards fruits like mangoes, bananas and apples. So, if there any cut fruits on the dining table or in the kitchen, you should make sure that these fruits are covered properly. The same thing goes for any other kind of food found on the dining table.
  5. You may also use insect repellents like over-the-counter sprays to keep flies away from food. Using Shooaway will also come in very handy.
  6. If you have pet animals in the house, always make sure that the animal feces are cleaned immediately. Also, you should clean the area thoroughly so that no fecal remains are left on the ground.Flies around food
  7. Use screens for your doors and windows. These will keep flies away from food and will also let you enjoy some fresh air. With the use of screens, you can effectively prevent the entry of house flies inside your premises. Also, screening provides adequate natural light inside your house. Make sure that the screens have no holes or opening where the flies can enter your house premises.
  8. The ultra violet trap is an effective and silent device which can attract flies towards them. Whenever a fly sits on the UV trap, the fly gets killed instantly by the device’s action mechanism. Hence, the UV traps is an efficacious way to kill flies easily.
  9. The fly swat is a very cheap method to keep flies away from food. Modern fly swats come in electronic versions that trap house flies and instantly kill the flies. This is a hassle-free approach in killing flies.
  10. Always switch ‘ON’ the electric fan. This basic approach is hassle-free and is one of the easiest ways to control house flies. Just switch on the electric fan (ceiling or table fan) in your dining room and the house flies will fly away.
  11. You can make a home-made fly paper to get rid of house flies. Mix sugar and corn starch and turn them to syrup. Then brush the syrup nicely on a thick brown paper. You can hang it up in any place inside your house where there are plenty of flies.
  12. Use plastic water bags to control your fly problem. Put some water in clear plastic bags and then hang it on the entryways of your house. This will prevent the flies from entering your premises.

House fly infestation can be really irritating to handle. These pests can multiply fast and are difficult to control once they have already invaded your house. I hope the above will help you know what will keep flies away from food with problem and in no time at all.

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