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More Natural Fly Repellents

Cayenne pepper to stop flies

More Natural Fly Repellents

Want To Know More About Natural Fly Repellents

Flies are not only a nuisance they cause certain diseases like cholera, typhoid,diarrhea and eye infections as well. It is for these reasons that flies should be done away with. Herbs that are very effective in repelling flies and other pests are available and have been used
for thousands of years before toxic chemicals in a can were discovered .Using herbs as a way of repelling flies is environmental friendly since it is a natural method. Herbs are known to grow quite easily and happen to be drought resistant. Below
are examples of herbs which can be used as flies repellants.

  • BASIL-There is a very wide variety of basil in existenceBasil
    today and more variety are being introduced. It is a very beautiful and good smelling
    plant which is known to tolerate dry weather. Most people know that basil is
    used in making salads and in preparing tomato dishes little do they know that
    they can use it to keep flies away. One needs to simply plant it next to doors and the flies will definitely stay away.
    Mosquitoes cannot stand basil as well. Get the basil species of your choice
    they all work the same and flies will be no longer a problem in your home.
  • BAY LEAFWith bay leaf you can choose to grow it or even buy the dried version of it from a store. Dried bay leaf, which is mostly used in stews and soups works equally well as the fresh one in repelling pests away. Flies cannot stand the smell of bay leaves thanks to their very sensitive olfactory nerves.
  • LAVENDERIt really smells good. It can be used in baking to add a wonderful floral and citrus flavor. It is not only used in foods lavender repels pests, fleas and mosquitoes as well. It can be grown in containers, can be grown in the kitchen garden and a bundle of lavender can be hanged in theLavender closet as well for purpose of repelling flies and moths.
  • PENNYROYALIt is known to repel flies,fleas,ants and mosquitoes. When using pennyroyal as a fly repellant one has to be careful because in large amounts it is toxic to both pests and children.
  • ROSEMARY-This one has a wide variety of uses. It is used in cooking,  grilling, has medicinal purpose and it is used as a household herb. As rosemary grows it repels mosquitoes. It can be used in keeping the air fresh as well.
  • TANSYAnother known herb which is used in keeping off flies, ants, moths and even mice.

Other than herbs there are other natural fly repellents.

They include;

  • Vodka bags Flies for some reason really hate vodka. They cannot stand vodka they hate its smell. It is for this reason some people use vodka bags to keep off flies. People who are comfortable with vodka can apply it on their
    uncovered skin and that will definitely keep the flies away.
  • Natural oils Lemongrass oil, citronella oil and eucalyptus oil can all be used to repel insects. They all are very effective.
  • Cloves Flies are really sensitive to smell. If there is a smell they simply cannot stand, it is the smell of cloves. So by simply placing about
    10-15 cloves on the dining table, you can be sure that will keep flies away.
  • Homemade fly repellant lotion You can very easily create a lotion which will repel flies at home. With half a cup of hazel, half cup apple cider vinegar and about 30-60 drops of eucalyptus oil. You mix all the above in a bottle and shake thoroughly. This lotion is then applied on uncovered parts of the skin and that keeps flies away.
  • Smoke Flies hate smoke. By using citronella candles flies are repelled very fast.
  • Camphor A very instant method of getting rid of flies. You simply light it up and spread the fumes from it all over the house and in seconds all
    flies are gone.
  • Cucumbers By placing cucumber slices on top of garbage you prevent flies from laying their eggs inside the container. Cucumbers repel flies since they cannot stand its smell. You not only place it on garbage, you can put cucumber slices around your house and this will work miracles in keeping flies off your house.
  • A homemade fly paper A fly paper is very easy to make. You simply make syrup out of sugar and starch from corn. Then brush the syrup carefully on a thick brown paper. Finish off by making a whole in the corner and hang it just outside your house and after that you can be sure you will not have problems with flies in your house.
  • White wine The white wine is mixed with the liquid used for washing dishes. This mixture is poisonous to flies. They get attracted to it and once inside they die instantly.
  • Cayenne pepperCayenne pepper to stop flies Put cayenne pepper in a spray bottle and to it add some water. You then shake thoroughly for even mixing. After which you spray the mixture all round your house that kills flies all round your house.
  • Cinnamon Using cinnamon as an air freshener in your house keeps flies away. Flies hate the smell of cinnamon.
  • Fly away the flies by switching the fan on or use ShooAway. A very hassle free method of keeping flies away from your house right? All you have to do is switch the ceiling fan on and flies are
    flown away.
  • Catch flies with green apple soap The green apple soap is known to attract flies. By filling a jar with two spoons of green apple liquid soap and adding some little water you can catch flies. They are attracted to the fruity smell of green apple once they get to it they drown.
  • Ultra violet traps These attract flies towards them and when it sits on the trap it is instantly killed. These traps kill flies very easily.
  • A fly swat These come with an electronic machine which simply traps and kills flies.

Even with the above natural ways of repelling flies fromyour home it is important to also prevent flies from coming into your home.
Keeping flies off your home has a lot to do with hygiene. You should keep your house clean always. Garbage makes a good home for flies and it is for this reason garbage bins should always be covered and once full emptied in a place far away from the house. This will control number of flies in your home.

To repel the few that come about instead of reaching out for that chemical spray how about trying one of the above natural fly repellants?

One will definitely work for you.

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