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Natural Roach Killer and Natural Fly Repellent

Natural Roach Killer and Natural Fly Repellent

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I am not associated with any of the companies of any of the products in this video, I simply purchased them. Use a mixture of half Baking Soda,(NOT Baking Powder), with half powdered sugar. This works 100%. I started in June and waited to see if it really works. It is unbelievable how well this works. To not have roaches invading this home anymore is wonderful. If you have a huge roach problem, set the mixture out everywhere, it DOES kill them, but be sure to set up a lot of the mixture outside so that you don’t attract them all into your home. Keep the powdered sugar and baking soda mixture OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS!


It may be a natural solution but would obviously make your child or pet sick if they ate a large amount. As for the flies, the lavender scented candle is like a miracle, NO flies buzzing around on my front porch and it smells fantastic! Have one burning in your home to discourage them from entering your home. Now that mosquito and West Nile Virus season is here, my solution for keeping them out of your house REALLY WORKS. Don’t forget to check out my video for mosquitos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiYpKaWBcYc

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